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About Jon Campbell

Jon was originally inspired to create Drama Sessions because of the difficulties his students were experiencing in their attempts to get into drama school or to access any other form of drama training. Drama Sessions is based on Jon’s own experience of 3 years training at a major drama
school, Central School of Speech & Drama, plus his many years’ experience as a drama coach. Drama Sessions is an online drama training course that comes to you in your own
home. It covers everything you would learn in drama school, delivered via Jon’s own teaching method, in 12 exciting and involving episodes, along with helpful written material.
Sadly, at the end of filming and editing, Jon was diagnosed with cancer and has since passed away.
However, under today’s restrictive conditions with schools and colleges closed, access to drama training is more urgent than ever. So Drama Sessions couldn’t be more timely. The full course was originally priced at £19.99 but, in keeping with the times, Drama Sessions is now available at a bargain price of £19.99. We are proud to launch Drama Sessions, both as a fitting tribute to Jon and his inspired teaching and as a valuable legacy for his students.

About The Drama Sessions

The Drama Sessions is an online drama foundation course that includes filmed acting lessons in the form of a mini drama series. If you want to be an actor you will learn, along with Brad and Lyndsay everything that you need to know to get you started. Guided by Jon Campbell who has over thirty years experience in the entertainment industry, you will discover the best way of working on a monologue, how to engage with scenes and about the industry itself, including the audition process and matters relating to confidence. More than that, you will be provided with numerous filmed exercises and many pages of fascinating written material, everything in fact to assist in helping you on your way to the career you've always dreamed of. You may feel that acting is for other people, that you wouldn't be any good at it, that you just wouldn't know where to start. Or perhaps you're already a professional who simply wants to reacquaint yourself with the craft. The Drama Sessions is here to help. Step by step, this journey into the heart of acting will open your eyes not only to technique but to what it is to live the life of an actor. With Lyndsay and Brad you will learn how to rid yourself of anxiety and self-consciousness and that the world of the actor is for you every bit as much as it is for someone else. Basically, The Drama Sessions is YOUR Drama School, the Drama School that comes to YOU. You need only hop on board for the adventure to begin.

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Course Overview

Welcome to The Drama Sessions. Our intention is to take you on a journey into the world of acting, along the way giving you some idea of the skills you’ll need in order to enter the industry as well as an insight into the industry itself. We aim to show you how to start, how to progress and how to make what you do work for you.

Online Course

In this course we will look at monologues and scene work and the supplementary material includes improvisation exercises for you to practice. But it differs from other similar courses in that we will not simply be covering the purely technical aspects of acting. Through Lyndsay and Brad you will be given an insight into what the life of an actor entails, - the hopes and fears that every actor experiences in their struggle to succeed. It is about the technique of acting but it is also about what it means to be an actor in a more general sense. This is why we look at such issues as confidence and the audition process. Our intention is to provide you with a glimpse, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always relevant, of the life of the actor as a whole. Our greatest wish is that you find it entertaining, interesting but, more importantly, useful in your endeavor to make this industry your career.

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